My All-Time Favorite "What the Duck"

Every year when we approach the busiest portrait season of the year, I think about my favorite “What The Duck” animation that is shown below. Every photographer who has ever photographed a holy terror child will love this one.

Photoshop guru Scott Kelby calls What the Duck comic strip "hands-down, my absolute favorite cartoon on the planet. Period. It is the one strip that makes me laugh out loud every time."

"What" is the creation of artist Aaron Johnson who writes about and draws a struggling professional photographer who happens to be a duck. I've become addicted to What's very familiar situations. There are lots of fun things to look at on the WTD site. When you click on the homepage, check out the merchandise (cute), then go to the strip archives to see lots of great episodes, such as the one below.

You can view the wonderful web-based cartoon strip series called "What the Duck" at
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