Terriffic Time in Tennessee!

If you’ve never visited Knoxville, Tennessee, you really should, as it lives up to it’s Visitors Bureau description as Tennessee’s “Hidden Gem.”

If you’re a photographer in Tennessee (newcomer or veteran) and are not a member of Professional Photographers of East Tennessee (PPETN), you really should be. Why? I just had the pleasure of presenting my Get Down To Business! workshop for that organization, and I discovered that it’s one of the most vibrant local organizations I’ve ever visited. Not only is it well run administratively, it is member-centered and firm in its mission to provide photographers with the education they need to thrive in an industry fraught with the confusion of change. Best of all for me, these folks have a wonderful time together, and I thoroughly enjoyed their great personalities, their willingness to share ideas freely with one another, and their warm and friendly company. I believe their camaraderie comes through in the photos below.


Thanks to the PPETN Board of Directors for making this workshop possible: Chairman Nicole Webber, President Alisa Whitley, Vice President Eddie Foley, Secretary Gena Tussey, Treasurer Noelle Bell, IT/Web Editor Ben K. Moser; Senior Board Members J. Wade Tipton, Ambler Brown, Carla Hoskins and Michael Broyles; Junior Board Members Kathy Smith and Tyson Smith. Not all of the Board members were present for the board photo shown in the above composite; those who were are clockwise from 1st row: Carla, Gena, Alisa, Ben, Ambler, Noelle and Michael.

Two Great Days in Maryland!

My last workshop of the season took place in Columbia, Maryland, less than a three-hour drive from my home in Pennsylvania. So nice not to have to fly! Sponsored by the Maryland PPA, my contact was Anne Looney, treasurer of MDPPA, who attended a Guerrilla Management Workshop way back in 2007. I was pleased that Anne was able to join me for dinner the night before the workshop at a wonderful sushi restaurant right next to my hotel, which sat alongside a lovely man-made lake. I grabbed this quick auto-pano of the promenade with my Lumix FZ1000.
It’s been quite a while since I visited the MDPPA, which I was happy to observe is a vibrant and thriving state organization . . . thanks to the hard work of its member volunteers. What was clearly evident was the welcoming spirit of the members, which is so essential to sustain an organization over time, as well as the outstanding roster of talented speakers who have instructed there recently or are scheduled for future meetings.

Because Jim and I operate a studio housed in a converted Pennsylvania Dutch barn, I was intrigued that MDPPA holds its meetings in Oliver’s Carriage House, a beautifully restored 1811 barn owned by a local community church. What a great resource for association meetings!
MDPPA President Melanie Anderson, also a Guerrilla Management graduate, did a great job keeping things organized.
The attendees were a very knowledgeable group, so we were able to cover a lot of ground.
I was especially pleased with the results of the “marketing message” homework assignment, the results of which were shared on workshop day two.
There was even time to renew friends and share ideas.
Day two concluded with a print competition, at which it was my pleasure to judge alongside jurors Don Aittama and Mona Sandler. With close to 200 prints to judge, the competition lasted past midnight. It was well attended and quite competitive, especially in the Best of Show categories. It was a pleasure to honor some truly outstanding images.

Thanks to the MDPPA Board for making the workshop possible and for all the hard work they do behind the scenes. I would urge any new or veteran photographers in the region who are not MDPPA members to take advantage of this outstanding organization. Learn more by visiting the group’s website at https://marylandppa.com.
Thanks to the MDPPA Board for making the workshop possible and for all the hard work they do behind the scenes. I would urge any new or veteran photographers in the region who are not MDPPA members to take advantage of this outstanding organization. Learn more by visiting the group’s website at https://marylandppa.com.


Saying Hello and Goodbye at Triangle

It truly was an honor to teach at the last official function of Triangle Photographers in Cranberry Township last week. The reason for their closing is posted on the Triangle website at this link. I was pleased to accept Chairman Joan Stewart’s invitation from the Triangle Board of Directors to present my two-day workshop, and it was lovely to have a chance to stop in at Joan’s charming farmhouse studio and gardens. Joan was one of the first photographers to come to my 4-day Guerrilla Management Workshops in the late 1990s, so it was great to spend time with her again.

As I expected, I had a chance to see old friends from Triangle who go way back, such as Vice Chairman Bill Penberthy and board members Evert Briggs and Ron Westerman. I’ve known them most of my working life in photography. I’m aware of how hard they, and the rest of the board worked to keep Triangle afloat. It was such a pleasure to renew some acquaintances and make new friends among such a wonderful group of photographers.

Almost as an afterthought when the program was over, someone suggested that we take a group picture. Unfortunately some people had already left, but at least we have this one to commemorate Triangle’s closing event. I know I’m not the only one who hopes that sooner rather than later photographers who recognize the value of learning from each other will pull together and restart the association.

By the time I got home I received this group selfie from Nathan Ballash, who was sorry to miss the group shot. Thanks Nathan!

A final thank you to Joan for one last opportunity to take part in a Triangle event! Also, a special shout out to Bill Penberthy and Evert Briggs for their outstanding support at the workshop!

Just as I was about to post this item, I received a video from Marco da Silva, showing the wonderful 6-minute speech that his daughter Rebeca made for her local Toastmasters group. She did an outstanding job of passing on information that she learned at the workshop. With her permission, I’m posting it here as an encouragement for everyone to get the word out to consumers about digital impermanence any way possible. Thanks to the da Silvas for coming all the way from Rochester Hills, Michigan. Check out their excellent website here. Great job Rebeca! And my very best wishes to all Triangle Photographers!