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I started my Business Blog on April Fool’s Day, 2007. I was an early adopter of this new networking opportunity, which turned out to be a precursor of the social media phenomenon. In October, 2008, I started my “Polonomics” Blog, which was prompted by my concern about issues specific to the global financial crisis and the resulting Great Recession that began the year before. I enjoyed writing both, but I suspended all posting in May, 2012, as by then I was exploring Facebook and Twitter as marketing and communications media. I simply didn’t have time to tend to both and to deal with my expanding workload and teaching schedule.

Redesigning this website has made me take a second look at my blog archives. As social media opportunities have grown over the past several years, I’ve come to recognize that as helpful as the dominant social networks are — those such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram — they pull consumers away from YOUR MEDIA and into the fast-flowing stream of EVERYONE’S media. These days it pays to use social networks to direct readers to YOUR CONTENT. If they like what they find there, they’ll come back.

So I’ve started to reconstruct some of the content from my two blogs that still have relevance and to begin adding new posts. This will take a while, and I’m not sure whether anyone will find the material to be of value. We’ll see . . .

About the Business Blog
The purpose of the Business Blog is to present items of interest to studio owners and managers in the areas of marketing, branding, financial management, pricing, sales, workflow, product development, and general business management. From time to time, you might find a chuckle or two as well.
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About the Polinomics Blog
When the Great Recession hit in 2007, I wanted to know why it had happened (in another life I was a print journalist), so I started digging for answers. It didn’t take long to recognize how very little I knew about economics and that one cannot wade very far into economics without encountering politics. Thus I chose the term “polinomics as the title of this blog, the purpose of which was to examine the intersection between politics and economics. I sought to be objective, but soon I recognized that I had a clear bias in favor of economic conservatism, and eventually I stopped making posts when the national political atmosphere became so gravely toxic. Turns out that recent history has borne out some of prognostications expressed in my previous posts, so I’m going to reprint a few of them here.
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