In hindsight, your presentation was the reason I attended "Make More Money."  I came away with more from your session than any other.  I cannot thank you enough for sharing your wisdom with us "kids."  Although I am bound to make mistakes, hopefully they will be new and different mistakes, and your information will help steer me back on track.  Thank you a hundred times over.  
Becky Smith – Photos by Becky, Savannah GA

Thank you for speaking at the MMM convention! I just started my business back in April and your information could not have helped me more!
Tara Allen – Ashley Allen Photography, Grand Prairie TX

Your presentation at the PPA conference was just invaluable!!!  I took 40 pages of notes while there…. I’ve got my homework cut out for me. Thank you again for presenting at the conference.  Your expertise is appreciated more than you could possibly know.
Stephanie McMillan – Picture Me, Mansfield OH

Thank you very much for the information delivered in your program in Memphis. My husband and I really appreciate the way you addressed many of the issues with which we have been struggling. We both enjoyed your humorous interjections to show us that even accounting can be fun (his eyes usually glaze over when I start talking numbers). This PPA conference came at a great time in our business.  We learned so much from you and many of the other speakers.  Now, we can begin to fine tune our business with all of this help.  We appreciate everything you have done for us and the many other beginning business owners.
Sheri & Clayton Caveness – Select Shots Photography - Batesville AR

I attended your presentation at the Make More Money conference in Memphis.  It was worth every moment and dollar, and I am ready to put your suggestions to work. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us.
Davis Barton – Barton Photography, Pontotoc MS

Thanks again for your support, wisdom, and encouragement.  We hope to one day give back what has been so graciously given.
Corri & Kevin Robinson – Corr Images, Mansfield TX

Bless You, Ann!  I am currently (at this very moment) re-evaluating our pricing structure. I have been looking at your "Mastering Profitable Pricing" CDs for a good part of the afternoon. Thank you!
Richard Grainger - Grainger Portrait Studios, Madison AL

Your insight and advice from only just a few weeks ago have already  influenced a drastic improvement in my business. And once I truly master some of the techniques, I feel confident I will be able to claim my family life balance once again.  At your suggestion, I  have studied the features of ProSelect and its production module using Ron Nichols' pallets.  Wow. That alone has already decreased my workflow well over 50%.  I feel like a new person.  I've also detailed a workflow plan that is becoming the foundation of my business and enables me to now focus on what I enjoy best, the business and marketing side of the studio. I've been reviewing and creating my new business & marketing plan based on all information and worksheets from the  workshop. Thank you again for taking the time to consult with us and help put my business on the right course.
Stacy Sims - Stacy Sims Photography, Dallas, TX

Loved your seminar at the PPA Make More Money Conference in Phoenix. Thank you for your wisdom, insight and humor. You have forever changed how we will conduct business.
Susan R. Symonds – President/Mainframe Photographics Inc., Boston, MA

You are a master teacher. There are many who are dynamic speakers who may inspire for the moment but give me a teacher who can convey the nuts-and-bolts-practical-application any day. Your presentation allowed me to go home and put into place, immediately, things have made my business better and more profitable. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with you.
Allison Tyler Jones – Allison Tyler Jones Photography, Mesa, AZ

Attending your seminar has opened our eyes and the doors to so many opportunities. I feel as though I know so much more about the “business” of photography now and have some basis upon which to help Cindy build upon the great foundation that she has created. Thanks again for the wonderful seminar and your efforts on behalf of photographers.
Gary Crofford – Cindy Crofford Photography, Houston, TX

You are a great asset to the photographic community. I want to personally commend you for your excellent teaching skills and your commitment to PPA education.
Tom Egnes – Flash's Photography, Red Lodge MT

I wanted to take an opportunity to say thank you. I was at the MMM in
Scottsdale last week and heard your talk. Not only does your reputation proceed you but it may not do you justice. Everyone there had some life-changing story about how you helped them and I can see why. I am lucky enough not to have my own business yet, I didn't always think that. I know now what i must do in order to get started on the right track, thanks to PPA.

Joe Savitch – Complete Lifestyle Photography New York

Thank you for helping educate us on the business aspects of our work. Your work has been instrumental in getting my studio up and going. I am glad I found you so early in my studio's life!
Kimberley Scales, KDS Studios - Highland Village, TX

Your Make More Money PPA presentation was fabulous! Difficult material for we right brainers, but you made it not only bearable, but compelling and interesting.
Sara Goodnick – Sarah Goodnick Photography, Ft. McDowell AZ

You are one of the very best teachers of all time. You explain things so
well that I walked away with lots of new ideas and understanding of our
current market.

Monica Cubberly-Early – Cubberly Studios, Westerville OH