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Teaching and Learning at Deep Creek

Beautiful Indian summer days set the stage for four days of intense study and sharing at my Deep Creek Lake home for the annual fall Guerrilla Management Workshop that I teach with SuccessWare's Judy Grann. Class assistants were Doug Mattice of McLean, VA, (shown below with Judy during a class session) and Frank Donnino of Boynton Beach, FL (shown riding a local bear). Frank is widely known as the originator of a baby plan that is used successfully by hundreds of photographers around the country. In fact, most of the students at this workshop were active users of Frank's plan, and they can attest to how effective it has been for their businesses. Approximately half of the class were repeat students, and it was great to see them again and to review their business progress.

This group was as hard working as any workshop of photographers I have taught, and I'm certain they will make good use of the knowledge they gained in class. Each left with a financial plan for 2008 and lots of ideas on how to implement the marketing and sales necessary to support the plan.

They also clearly enjoyed each other's company, both in class and out. For the record, our second coloring contest was won by Karen Bernard of E. Greenwich, RI. Thanks to everyone for making this class so enjoyable!